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Fact vs Fiction: The Truth About Nursing Homes

Let’s face the facts: There are a lot of people who don’t have an accurate understanding of skilled nursing care centers (which many call nursing homes). These misunderstandings can lead to harmful myths that may prevent families from seeking the help they need.

When considering care options, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. To start, let’s bust three of the most common myths about skilled nursing care centers: 

  1. Myth: Nursing and post-acute care centers are like hospitals. Fact: While care centers do offer in-depth medical care, they are very different from hospitals. Care centers often feel more like homes or apartments. And, in addition to medical care, many centers offer social activities and recreation programs.
  2. Myth: Care center patients never leave. Fact: On average, one in every four patients stays less than three months at a care center. Some stay only for a month to recover from an injury or illness.
  3. Myth: Care centers are unreasonably expensive. Fact: The daily cost of a care center can be a fraction of the cost of a day in the hospital. Overall, care centers are one of the most affordable options for 24-hour, professional nursing and rehabilitative care.

To discover more facts about care centers, check out the Fact vs. Myth page right here on CareConversations.org.

CareConversations.org provides resources and advice to help you and your loved ones make informed and confident decisions about the care they may need now and in the future. Visit our About page to learn more.


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