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3 Types of Therapy You Should Know

No, an occupational therapist isn’t someone who listens to job woes. Actually, these specialists help you get back to doing daily tasks (like making the bed) after an injury or illness makes certain movements more difficult. These professionals see patients of all ages, but they are particularly good people to know as you or someone you care about is getting older. They can help with recovery from surgeries like hip replacements and can even recommend adaptive equipment.

If you are not familiar with occupational therapy, now’s the time to learn more. April is Occupational Therapy Month and organizations like the American Occupational Therapy Association are celebrating by sharing information about this important type of treatment.

There are many different types of therapy that can help you or a loved one stay strong, healthy and comfortable as the years pass. Along with occupational therapy, consider speech therapy to address issues with talking, eating or swallowing, or physical therapy, which can relieve pain and help prevent injury. You can learn more about types of therapy right here on CareConversations.org

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