Discussing A Moving Decision

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As you and hopefully your loved one, look into options regarding away-from-home care, you may want to tell your close family or friends about your plans. Choose a time when you all can focus on the conversation. Others may be upset about your news. That’s okay. Allow them their reactions and don’t take their reactions personally. Without your perspective, they can’t understand how tough this decision is for you.

As they process the news, clearly state what you need. “This is tough for us,” you may explain, “but I want to be strong about it. I’d appreciate your support and help.” You may ask some family members to be a part of the decision-making process. It can help to talk out your options and have others with you to ask questions and share impressions during tours of facilities.

Finding Additional Support

When you tell others in your support network, you may receive more judgments than you do when telling your family. In particular, other caregiving spouses may react to your decision from their own place of fear. If you feel unsupported by friends or your support group, find another support system. Your Area Agency on Aging or local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association can recommend support groups in your area. It can be comforting to connect with others who understand your experiences.