How to Choose

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How to choose a care solution

After evaluating your care needs and care options, the final step in the care decision process is choosing. Making a care decision can be difficult, but Care Conversations™ with your loved ones, health care providers and care professionals will help you make the right decision. Try to involve the person in need of care as much as possible in the decision process. Acknowledging and incorporating personal preferences and long term wishes makes a critical difference in the transition experience.

As you interview professional care providers and tour facilities and centers, be open and forthright. Communicate your care priorities and concerns. Take the time to thoroughly discuss topics such as medical needs, personal preferences and general impressions. Check references or chat with other care recipients to gain insight into daily care experiences. Ask questions until you feel comfortable and confident that you have all the information you need. Intuition is usually more than a hunch, so trust your instincts.