Plan & Prepare

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Planning and preparing to meet changing care needs

Care needs change throughout our lives, and our later years are no exception. Your spouse or loved one may be currently receiving care at home, but he or she might need more care or supervision than you can provide. If this is the case, it’s time to have a care conversation. Talking about changing needs may seem intimidating or even impossible at first, but the more upfront you and your loved ones are with one another, the better the chances are for a positive outcome for everyone. Worrying that you may upset your loved one by bringing up delicate topics may stop you from starting the conversation. Chances are, however, that your loved one wants to discuss concerns just as much as you do.  

If you need to discuss the need for away-from-home care, Care Conversations can help you work through the decision-making process. Find out how to talk with loved ones about a move decision and find additional support. If your loved one is transitioning to Skilled Nursing Care, find out what to expect, why care plan meetings are so important, and how to work well with care providers. Away-from-home care doesn’t have to keep you away from your loved one. View tips on successful visits, information on outings, and recommendations on ways to stay in touch.