3 Early Signs to Watch For as Mom and Dad Age

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“How’s it going, Dad?”

This is a familiar phrase for many of us who are looking out for an aging parent. It’s a simple question, but the answer can speak volumes. In fact, the answers to simple questions like this can help you pinpoint the early signs that your mom or dad may need more care.

There are many different mental, emotion and physical signs that more care is needed, and you can find a detailed list of early signs right here at CareConversations.org.

Here are a few of those signs, along with simple questions that can help you to spot them:

  • Changes to sleeping patterns: Sleep and health go hand in hand. Ask your mom or dad, “How did you sleep last night?” If a parent who has always been a night owl suddenly hits the hay right after dinner, it may be worth mentioning to their doctor.
  • Trouble with daily chores: There are a lot of things that get more difficult with age, including daily chores like cooking. Ask your mom or dad, “What have you been cooking lately?” If it sounds like it’s been hard for them to scramble eggs or make coffee, more conversation may be needed.
  • Quick to get off the phone: Pride is a powerful emotion and can lead some parents to hide the signs that they are not feeling as well or able as they used to. If your normally chatty father rushes off the phone several weeks in a row, consider asking more directly about his health.

Talking about health and aging isn’t easy, but you don’t have to go it alone. CareConversations.org provides resources and advice to help you and your loved ones make informed and confident decisions about the care they may need now and in the future. Visit our About page to learn more.