Holiday Visits: What to Watch for in Aging Parents

With the holiday season approaching, many families are traveling around the country to spend quality time with aging parents and relatives.

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4 New Ways to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s

Each November during National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month we take the time to honor the estimated 5.2 million people in the United States currently living with this disease. 

To round out the month, here are a few articles highlighting innovative approaches to preventing and treating this debilitating disease:

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3 Tips for Hiring an In-Home Care Provider

When the time comes to find an in-home care provider, it may be hard figuring out where to begin the search. There are many qualified caregivers out there, but what providers will best meet your loved ones needs? To help ease the process of finding an in-home care provider, use the following tips:

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Transitioning to Long-Term Care: What Your Loved One Wishes They Could Tell You

As a psychologist, I’ve talked with hundreds of residents as they transition to living in a Skilled Nursing Care center. In the privacy of a psychotherapy session, new residents will frequently share with me things they haven’t mentioned to their families, often because they don’t quite know what to say or how to say it.

Their perspectives may surprise you:

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5 Steps to Becoming a Part of the Nursing Home Team

Moving to an assisted living or a skilled nursing facility can be challenging for both you and your loved one. To help make the transition less stressful, it’s often suggested that family members work with staff to ensure their loved one’s needs are being met. Here are some ways to become a valuable player on the nursing home team:

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4 Steps to Prevent Repeated Hospital Stays

Roughly 1 in 6 of all patients admitted to a skilled nursing facility will return to the hospital within 30 days. These repeated hospital stays turn lives upside down, both emotionally and physically.

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How Do Care Centers Prepare for the Flu?

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that flu activity is increasing and more flu is expected in the coming weeks. Older adults especially are at high risk for complications from the flu, so prevention is critical.

So, how are care centers preparing for flu season? The CDC sets guidelines for long-term care centers to help prevent the spread of the flu.

How do care centers work to prevent flu?

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3 Payment Options For Long-Term Care

As loved ones age, the focus should be on health and comfort. Financial burdens can add stress and take time away from caring for those you love.

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Choosing a Respite Care Provider during the Holidays

During the busy holiday season, family caregivers for older relatives often need extra support. Respite care, a type of professional long-term care, is an option for a family caregiver who needs to step away from care responsibilities for a short period of time – to run errands or go on a trip, for example.

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What is Person-Centered Care, Anyway?

Skilled nursing facilities – what many people call “nursing homes” – are making changes. The way care is delivered is evolving. Instead of following one schedule, patients now have more options than ever before when it comes to meals, activities and the types of care they receive. Today, long-term care is about person-centered care – the idea that the individual receiving care is at the focal point of every decision made about his or her care.

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