4 Tips for Getting Your Loved One Through the Winter

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With the holidays ending and the season of winter starting to settle in for most of the country, it’s a good time to make sure your aging parents or loved ones are prepared for the blustery months ahead. Frigid temperatures and snowy weather can make it difficult for our loved ones to keep busy, stay safe, and remain healthy this time of year.

As long and cold as the winter months can be, making sure your loved one is cared for and comfortable is important. Here are some ways you can help keep your loved ones safe and happy during the wintry months ahead:

  • Activities. Create a family schedule so that your loved one is never alone for too long. Quick afternoon visits, restocking the refrigerator and pantry or planned activities, like a movie or game night, are all ways to keep your loved one busy. If you don’t live close to your aging relative, have family members take turns calling every day.  Even a quick phone call can help brighten a long day!
  • Safety. Ice is a tricky thing, because sometimes you can’t see it. If you are out and about with your loved one, remember to always help him or her to and from the car. This is important at all times during the winter months, even if it is only lightly snowing. Finally, take the time to clear the sidewalks surrounding his or her living area.
  • Staying warm: Keep blankets in the car if you will frequently be transporting your loved one. This can be helpful not only during a daily outing, but also in case of an emergency. For loved ones living on their own, be sure to check their thermostat for an appropriate temperature. For loved ones living with you, be sure to compromise on temperatures! Lastly, if temperatures reach freezing or below, create alternative plans so your loved one remains indoors.
  • Staying healthy: Because illnesses can be rampant during this time of year, make sure everyone is taking daily precautions to protect their health. Make sure your loved one is eating properly, washing their hands and still taking the time to exercise. It might also be a good idea to get a flu shot.  Not sure where to go? Check out the HealthMap Vaccine Finder for locations offering fly shots near you.

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