Types of Therapy

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Therapy is the treatment of various health conditions, with the goal of restoring or improving abilities and reducing further deterioration or injury. There are many types of therapy, including occupational, speech, physical, respiratory and infusion therapy. 


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps those recovering from physical or mental illness, injury, disability or other health conditions. Occupational therapy aims to improve skills needed to complete daily tasks or specific activities. This therapy is available in a variety of settings, including rehabilitative care agencies, Skilled Nursing Care centers and health clinics.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy treats a variety of conditions that affect language, communication, eating or swallowing. It is often used following an injury, illness, stroke or accident. Speech therapy helps improve language comprehension, speaking ability and confidence.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps those recovering from illness or injury. It can also improve conditions such as arthritis. Physical therapy works to relieve pain, restore maximum function and prevent future injury or disability. While physical therapy focuses on physical recovery, it can also address psychological, emotional and social factors.

Respiratory Therapy 

Respiratory therapy focuses on cardiology and pulmonology. Respiratory therapists are advanced-practice clinicians in airway management; establishing and maintaining the airway during management of trauma, intensive care, and may administer anesthesia for surgery or conscious sedation.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy is the administration of liquid medications or solutions (e.g., nutritional additives, antibiotics or chemotherapy) directly into the body using an intravenous (IV) route. The Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) designation is an earned credential that certifies specific expertise and skill level. Registered nurses (RNs) do not require this special certification to deliver infusion therapy.

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